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FERMA RISK MANAGEMENT Forum - Tuesday 1 OCT Daily Recap 

Certification Project Agreed 


Michel Dennery, Project Leader

FERMA and the presidents of its member associations have agreed in principle to create a European certificate of professional 

competence for risk managers. They reached consensus on the certification project with the presidents of our associations at a meeting held here in Maastricht. The certification working group and its technical committee will now be working with member associations on the practical details with the aim of producing a first draft of the knowledge and competences required within a year.


Young Risk Professionals


Seventy young risk professionals at the Forum took part in the breakfast organised by FERMA as part of its education initiatives. 


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Women in top management and on the board 


FERMA's Ladies@risk were @lunch to hear full time independent director Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae and DLA Piper board member Janet Legrand talk about getting more women into top management and on to the board. Neither believes that quotas are the answer now. They say that women should equip themselves with a professional skill which is valuable to the board and in-depth knowledge of their business - and go knock on the door.

Janet Legrand

Claims on the Minds of All


Panels of insurers and brokers took on board the comments of risk managers at their panel yesterday.  Claims were a concern for all. The ability to pay is one thing; willingness to pay is another, the risk managers had said. The insurers admitted was there was work to be done here, but pointed out that major events are very often fortuitous and so not what was imagined when the policy started. That's when judgement is needed and things can get tricky. The brokers pointed out there was a lack of innovation to deal with the impact of slow settlement on a company's cash flow.


The words dialogue and collaboration were repeated in both panels and it is perhaps the most important principle here, especially at the FERMA Forum where we are all together under the same roof! 


The word from Paolo Ribotta, Head of Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali


The traditional focus of travel, health and safety risk management is shifting from loss management and responsiveness to prevention and greater emphasis on the usage of analytics. A truly interesting workshop with a lot of innovation and ideas. Topics to be further followed. 

Kidnap and the Deep Sea


For the second day of FERMAgora, the morning session with kidnap consultant Simon Baker from HCC attracted more than 20 people, and the FERMAgora reached its full capacity with all headsets used for the first time. The presentation was deeply connected with the instability issues from the hottest parts of the globe. Catlin, its Seaview survey and its wonderful photographs was also a great success with a fascinating presentation of a scientific initiative to monitor the health of the coral reefs. Don't forget to attend the last FERMAgora session tomorrow at 11:00 am on risk to reputation.

Startling Examples at the Social Media Workshops


As a few case studies showed, social media threats and opportunities are not a thing of the future any more. Businesses need to consider social media's impact across all stakeholder groups and internal functions. Risk managers should build up their knowledge, act as negotiators between conflicting departments and finally bring up the social media risk question where it belongs: at board level. 


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