FERMA Newsletter N°54




Newsletter N°54

           July 2013


FERMA elects board members


FERMA elected four board members at its general assembly held on 20 June. Jorge Luzzi and Julia Graham were re-elected following the end of their previous three year mandates. Anders Esbjörnsson and Edwin V. Meyer were newly elected. All will serve for three years. Isabel Martinez who joined the board in 2012 to fill a vacancy was confirmed as a full board member. 


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International individual and corporate members eligible for FERMA


FERMA has agreed a change to its bylaws to accept two new categories of members: individuals and companies with an interest in European risk management who are not eligible to join an existing FERMA member association. 


The decision by FERMA's general assembly on 20 June followed a number of requests from individuals and companies with risks in Europe to become members so they can follow developments more closely. Until now membership has been limited to national risk management associations in Europe. 

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FERMA is moving


From Monday 22 July 2013, FERMA will be located in its new offices at

Avenue de Tervuren 273, b12
1150 Brussels  

Phone, fax and website details will remain unchanged.


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Letter from Brussels


The holidays are coming, but before you go, make sure you've registered for the Forum.    


From Monday 22 July, FERMA's offices will be in a bigger, new space, not far from where we are now. Our doors will be open to welcome members. Some of you are already taking advantage of coming to the office when we are meeting the authorities here in Brussels. Visit us, meet FERMA's team and learn who is working backstage to promote risk management in Europe.   

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The year in review


FERMA has accomplished an enormous amount during the two years that I have been its president. Our starting point has been the question from the board - how can we continue to strengthen the voice of risk managers in Europe? 


We approached this challenge two principal ways. One is increased support for our member associations, and the other is more links with other organisations at European level. Both give us a firm platform for our goals.  





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Forum Update


Not too late to be early!


It's not too late to be early! The early bird discount to attend the Forum has been extended until Friday 12 July. Why not register now if you haven't already? It will save you between €100 and €200: http://www.ferma.eu/ferma-forum-2013/register/.




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Countdown to the Forum


The early bird deadline is just a few days ahead and I am looking forward to taking the pulse of the registrations. Depending on the figures, we will decide on our next marketing and promotional actions. Until now we've seen that, as expected, we have received large support from our Dutch, Belgian and German members. Perhaps more surprisingly, Denmark is very active and DARIM is close to achieving its target for the Forum. So don't hesitate; follow the Danish example! Help your own national association to reach its attendance target.


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Ladies @ Risk


Historically, risk managers, brokers and insurers have found the insurance market to be pretty much a man's world, but gradually the number and involvement of women have increased. The FERMA Forum Ladies @ Risk Lunch, which takes place on 1 October, is an opportunity for women involved in the marketplace to talk through the challenges and opportunities in their work.



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Flying by sun: Solar aircraft founder and pilot to speak to FERMA Forum


Bertrand Piccard is a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. In March 1999, he made the first non-stop, round-the-world balloon flight, and from there, he says, flying around the world day and night without fuel seemed an obvious next step.

Dr Piccard first addressed the FERMA Forum in Geneva in 2005 when his revolutionary aircraft Solar Impulse was still in development. When he returns to the stage for the 2013 FERMA Forum in Maastricht, almost certainly it will be with a successful, entirely solar powered flight all across the United States behind him.

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Expert Views : Good corporate governance can enhance long term thinking and growth prospects says ecoDa


In its response to the EU Green Paper on long term financing of the European economy, the European Confederation of Directors' Associations (ecoDa) took the opportunity to highlight some areas where good corporate governance can enhance long term thinking and growth for companies.

A good governance track record (or rating) can facilitate access to external capital, whether equity capital or other types of corporate financing. Good governance lowers the risk profile and guarantees a focus on the corporate interest, leading to a better access to capital at a lower cost.


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Research and webinar series concludes 


Environmental risk management was the subject of the third and final webinar in a series hosted by FERMA in collaboration with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, Zurich and the public sector risk management association PRIMO.

The webinar took place on Wednesday 26 June, and included an introduction and explanation of the grey areas and uncertainties of the Environmental Liability Directive



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European Affairs : Is ELD creating sweet harmonies?


For over a year now, the Environmental Liabilities Directive (ELD) has been officially under study. The European Commission is assessing how the 27 member states have implemented the directive since 2010. Bio Intelligence, a consulting firm from Paris, is undertaking two studies on behalf of the Commission: one the challenges and obstacles of the ELD and a second about the feasibility of an EU-wide industrial pollution fund.

June can be seen as some kind of intermediary stage before the Commission's final report next year. Studies published at the end of May were the subject to an ELD stakeholder conference in Brussels on 11 June, which FERMA attended.


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European Affairs : Commission strikes a pragmatic approach to collective redress


In January, FERMA attended a conference on collective redress in Zurich. That was the occasion for the industry to think collectively about the unintended consequences of a new mass restitution scheme being put forward by the European Commission. In June, the Commission released its awaited communication on the subject, which actually took the form of a recommendation.


The choice of a recommendation is interesting, because this is a non-binding legal instrument. It indicates how member states should establish a collective redress system at national level, but does not attempt to configure a uniform, EU-wide collective redress system.


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Forum news: Presidents' roundtable


There will be a roundtable for the presidents of all the FERMA member associations held on Sunday 29 September before the formal opening of the 2013 FERMA Forum.


The president of FERMA holds regular conference calls with the leaders of the national associations, but this and the general assembly are the times that they can sit down together as a group. The roundtable offers an opportunity for more informal discussion.



Tweet, Tweet


FERMA now has more than 2000 twitter followers. Are you one? If not, we hope you will follow @fermarisk, and use the hashtags #fermarisk and #fermaforum in your own tweets.

We also have

  • 8500 monthly visits to the FERMA website;
  • 1800 members of our LinkedIn Groups;
  • 31 000 total views for our Slideshare presentations.

All these figures are more than double what they were 15 months ago. 


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When theory meets practice: risk management and insurance law


FERMA and the insurance law association AIDA Europe welcomed leading jurists, risk managers and insurance practitioners from eight countries for the seminar on 3 June in Paris. They covered four topical issues: coinsurance, trade embargoes, serial claims and directors' and officers' coverage.

FERMA board member Günter Schlicht said: "Insurance law can be an enterprise-wide issue, so it's essential that legal experts and risk managers understand what happens when the law is applied in business. It remains important for risk managers, even if they are not directly involved in placing the company's programme."




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AMRAE : Risk Manager's Barometer


AMRAE has published Le Baromètre du Risk Manager - the risk manager's barometer - a report based on a survey of more than 100 risk managers , conducted in cooperation with Deloitte. It is a unique analysis of the position and role of the risk manager, broken down into four parts: Responsibilities, Profiles, Remuneration and Development.


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