FERMA Newsletter N°55




Newsletter N°55

  September 2013


Keynote speaker at FERMA's conference


Gilles Desclaux

Retiring as a French Air Force four star general in September 2011, Gilles Desclaux set up his own consultancy company GDC2. He is also an outside director to Thales Raytheon Systems and defence adviser to Ernst & Young France. In his keynote address at the FERMA Forum on 2 October, he will tell risk managers about the importance of 'anticipation'.


He responded to some questions from FERMA.


FERMA: You have written about anticipation. Risk managers are always concerned about emerging risks, threats which are difficult to imagine. What principles would you advise them to adopt in creating a system of anticipation?


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Windmills, tulips, skating and orange!


Peter Den Dekker

Windmills, tulips, skating and orange - these are the things that pop up in people's mind when they think of Holland.

It will not surprise you that the traditional windmills so familiar from Dutch paintings are now outnumbered by the modern versions producing 'wind energy', but tulips (and flowers in general) are still a key export product, and skating (on ice) is still our favourite sport in the winter.

The colour orange is usually seen as the national 'sports team outfit' and the (sometimes ridiculous) outfits of the fans. What many people do not know is that Orange is part of the Royal Family name (Van Oranje Nassau), and that this is the reason why the Dutch adopted this colour as a national symbol.


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Letter from Brussels


Florence Bindelle

As we gear up for the final preparations for the Forum which starts on 29 September, I realise that this has probably been FERMA's most active year ever. In addition to the Forum we held a joint event with the European law association AIDA Europe in Paris in June to discuss very topical insurance law issues, such as trade embargoes. We worked with Harvard Business Review Analytics and insurer Zurich on three research projects covering cyber risks, environmental risk management and risk management leadership.


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FERMA to publish a library of acronyms


Acronyms are those short forms made up of the initial letters of a word or phrase. Think of RIMS, ecoDA, ERM, BI and PD. Sometimes it's easy to understand what they stand for, but sometimes it's not. FERMA board member Helle Friberg has, therefore, launched the idea of creating a library of acronyms on the FERMA website. She hopes to announce it on the opening day of the Forum.

Its purpose is to provide FERMA members easy access to information about what acronyms in risk and insurance management stand for and mean. 


Helle Friberg


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2014 Benchmarking Survey, Seminar plans Underway


Cristina Martinez

The 2014 FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey will be "innovative in form and content," says FERMA board member Cristina Martinez, the survey project leader.

The aim, she says, is to add practical and quantitative information, such as salaries, cost of insurance and loss records, to the established questions showing "what everyone is doing."

The project group has begun its work with a request to member association presidents for their participation. Cristina has posed the question to them: What would your members like to know more about?



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Countdown to the Forum


Véronique De Hertogh

For me it's been a busy summer as all the work we've been doing to prepare for the Forum has come together. One of the most important jobs has been putting together the content for the printed programme. This has meant collecting descriptions, final speaker confirmations, maps and images, checking the listed timings and occasionally having to change them.


It's amazing how much information is needed to make all activities fit together. I'm now producing the event 'scenario'; like a movie, we need a script. I just hope we will have a real block buster!

I've also managed to arrange a special discount on all Brussels Airlines flight to Brussels; in addition to our shuttle buses, this is just a perfect combination. You can be sure that Maastricht will be easily accessible.

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Expert Views : ECIIA explains the challenge of avoiding a risk and control patchwork


Organisations risk creating a dysfunctional patchwork of risk and control functions unless they have an integrated approach to risk management and assurance with a clear definition of responsibilities and coordination by the governing body.

As FERMA benchmarking surveys confirm, ever increasing compliance requirements and business complexity have driven companies to establish risk management and assurance functions.


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European Affairs : A common thread: mandatory financial security for industrial accidents


Julien Bedhouche

Mandatory financial security for specific industrial activities has this year become the focus of three initiatives from three separate Directorates General (DG) of the European Commission: Environment, Energy and Internal Market & Services.

These initiatives clearly have a common thread; the Commission wants to convince member states that there is a necessity for mandatory, pan-European financial security schemes to cover the consequences of industrial accidents. It is also looking at funding for the consequences of natural and man-made disasters.



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European Affairs : Solvency 2 waits for agreement on long-term guarantee valuations


This autumn, the European Parliament and Council along with the Commission will discuss, in what they call a 'trialogue', an effort to adopt the Omnibus 2 Directive, which is itself an update of Solvency 2. 


The topic currently delaying progress on adoption of the directive is long-term guarantee products. How should financial instruments with a life span of 20, 30 or more years be valued in the current economic environment while respecting market-consistent valuation which is at the core of the Solvency 2 philosophy?


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Forum risk managers' panel announced


The President of NARIM Annemarie Schouw and the President of Airmic Chris McGloin will be joined on the risk managers' panel by Dr Alexander Mahnke, CEO of Siemans Financial Services, and Andrew-Richard Bradley, Head of Group Risk Services for Nestlé Group. The moderator will be Cathy Smith, a former BBC journalist and now co-director of Brussels- based communications company Speak-Easy.


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Forum news: Discount on Forum flights to Brussels


FERMA Forum participants from Europe including Moscow can get a 10 per cent discount on their flights to Brussels with Brussels Airlines. You can book straight from the FERMA Forum website at http://www.ferma.eu/ferma-forum-2013/venue-hotels-travel/travel/.




Five reasons to register now for the FERMA Forum


  • You'll be encouraging other risk managers to join you.
  • Your colleagues from other associations can make appointments with you in Maastricht.
  • Your badge and delegates pack will be waiting for you.


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How do you get to Maastricht - a quiz 


© Andy Grimm - Fotolia.com

OK, Maastricht is not a big capital city, but it's easy to get to. Really. 


Try our quiz and see.



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