FERMA Newsletter N°53




Newsletter N°53

           May 2013



Karel Van Hulle to address the Forum


Karel Van Hulle, head of the insurance and pensions unit of the European Commission from 2004 until February 2013, will be a keynote speaker at the FERMA Forum in Maastricht starting on 29 September. During this time, his main responsibility was the preparation of the new prudential regulation of insurance and reinsurance, Solvency II. 


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Speakers announced for 3 June joint Conference?


Eminent jurists will join risk managers and claims experts from eight European countries for European Insurance Law: When Theory Meets Practice.


Organised jointly by FERMA and AIDA Europe, it will take place in Paris on 3 June. Click here to see who the speakers are and for more information.



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Leading the risk culture change


A webinar on Leading the Risk Culture Change, the second of the three topics tackled by the four partners, took place on 15 May. 


The Panel was : Linda Conrad, director of strategic business risk for Zurich, Professor Paul Walker, Zurich Chair in enterprise risk management at St John's University and Johan Willaert, corporate risk manager AGFA-Gavaert and FERMA board member.  


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Environmental risks - webinar



The results of a survey on environment risks among members of FERMA and the European public sector risk management association PRIMO will be among the topics presented to an expert webinar on Wednesday 26 June. All FERMA members are invited to take part. Details will be available on the FERMA website and via FERMA's social media.






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Letter from Brussels


After a cold, grey winter in Europe, the FERMA team of Jorge Luzzi, Pierre Sonigo, Jo Willaert and me were delighted to head to Los Angeles for the annual meeting of the US Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) - and the California sunshine. Board member Carl Leeman was with us in his role as president of the International Federation of European Risk Management Associations (IFRIMA). 


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Ladies Lunch speakers


Many speakers are now confirmed for other Forum sessions.

The Ladies in Risk Management Lunch will discuss the issues of women on boards. For this topic, there are two influential speakers: Sanna Suvanto-Harsaa and Janet Legrand.


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The incoming president of Airmic, Chris McGloin of Invensys and Alexander Mahnke of Siemens, will be among the FERMA members setting out the challenges to brokers and insurers in the risk managers' panel.  


In the presidential style insurance panel will present the following industry leaders will debate the questions from the risk managers' panel: Peter Hancock, AIG; Mike McGavick, XL Group; Axel Theis, AGCS Richard Ward, Lloyd's.




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Countdown to the Forum


Here is the latest update from FERMA project coordinator Véronique De Hertogh.


Since the last newsletter I have been fairly preoccupied with coordinating the opening of registrations for the Forum. The start has been great, and we already have more than 100 people registered. This means we are following the same development as in Stockholm and Prague in 2011 and 2009. We are using a new registration system this year, and its sophistication required some explanation that we have added on the website.

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ACE European head to chair young risk professionals' breakfast


Andrew Kendrick, chairman of ACE European Group, will chair the young risk professionals' breakfast taking place on Wednesday morning, 1 October. It is open to any registered delegate under the age of 35. The theme will be careers in risk management: what are the best skills, how can a young risk manager get the ear of senior management, how easy is it to take a break to get an advanced qualification or start a family. These and many other questions will be open for discussion.  



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 More for young risk professionals



The best ever opportunities to attend the Forum are available for young risk professionals this year.

  • Free registration for two business students each from the Maastricht and Liège Universities.
  • A 50 percent discount to attend the Forum for young risk professionals who aren't lucky enough to get a free place.
  • One-day registration to get an introduction to the Forum, meet the members and take part in sessions they find most relevant.

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IFRIMA to initiate global RM certification project


The International Federation of Risk Management Associations (IFRIMA) is to begin consideration of global certification of risk management skills and competence. Major members of IFRIMA, including FERMA, agreed to work together on the project when they met in April during the annual conference of US association RIMS.

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Expert Views : The consequences of net quoting in the Nordics - a lesson for other markets?


Fraud, internal or external, can cost a corporation billions of dollars or euros and affect not just the company, but also implicate its directors and senior managers. Each country has its own approach to transferring the risk.The Nordic insurance market has adapted well to the shift from broker commissions to fees. By Erik Börjesson.

Traditionally, the Nordic insurance market had relatively low broker involvement. Over the last 25 years however, brokers have increased their operations, and all the major broking houses now have operations in the Nordic countries.

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European Affairs : New EU consultation on catastrophe insurance


FERMA is currently preparing its response to the consultation exercise now underway on the European Commission Green Paper on the Insurance of Natural and Man-Made Disasters. Stakeholders have until 30 June to express their views on certain proposals by the Commission.

On April 16, the Commission published the Green Paper (click here), which in the EU world, is a consultation type of document used by the European administration to invite relevant stakeholders (individuals and companies) to express their views. It's a preliminary step that could lead to a more formal document, a White Paper, where the Commission puts forward its final thoughts and conclusions on the topic.  

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Another 5 important reasons to attend the FERMA Forum 2013


1. Listen to Professor Karel Van Hulle, former head of the insurance and pensions unit of the European Commission.


2. Challenge brokers and insurers in the panel sessions.  

3. Discuss the role of women in risk management leadership.  


4. Release your inner Dutch man (or woman). Get around on a bike.  


5. Save up to 200€ on early bird discount and register before 1 July



European Affairs : European insurance contract law goes under the microscope


The first meeting of the European Commission's Expert Group on European Insurance Contract Law took place in April. The group consists of eight representatives from the insurance sector, four from business and consumer organisations and four from the legal professions and academics.


This initiative is a consequence of the proposal for a regulation on a Common European Sales Law (CESL), which would consist of an optional regime for cross-border trade transactions. The proposed text is now at the European Parliament, awaiting first reading. The Legal Affairs and Consumer Protection Committees are co-responsible. The draft report was released early March. (available here).


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FERMA General Assembly


The FERMA General Assembly 2013 will take place on 20 June in Brussels, it brings together the board of FERMA and the presidents of the member associations.

A diner reception will take place on the evening of 19 June 2013 at the restaurant 'Le Nouveau Taste'.

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