FERMA Newsletter N°52




Newsletter N°52

           March 2013



Forum programme moves ahead : sessions confirmed and more to come


The scientific committee, which is responsible for planning the working sessions of the FERMA Forum Risk Management Forum 2013, is making great progress with the programme. Julia Graham says: "We have had some terrific ideas from FERMA member associations for workshops and very good speakers. More are to come."


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Europe Insurance Law : When theory meets practice?


Four important themes in commercial insurance law will be under discussion at the joint conference organised by FERMA and the insurance law association AIDA-Europe on 3rd June in Paris. Outstanding legal experts from all across Europe will interact with market practitioners. The programme will tackle the following issues during 4 panels discussions. 


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Award to FERMA's General Secretary Pierre Sonigo


Pierre Sonigo FERMA's Secretary General received the prestigious lifetime achievement award from the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) at its inaugural global risk awards held in London on 28 February.  


Richard Anderson, IRM chairman, said: "The lifetime achievement award is considered by a panel made up of IRM past chairmen. We were unanimous in our decision to make this award to Pierre, whose commitment to the risk management community has been inspirational to us all."


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Come one, come all



How can we achieve the magic number of at least 1500 risk professionals at the 2013 Forum? Each FERMA national association has a target number of members to bring to Maastricht.


Here are some inducements






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Letter from Brussels


Imagine you find yourself in the lift for 90 seconds with a senior executive who wants to know your view on mergers and acquisitions, trade embargoes or the latest travel risks to West Africa.


You'll want to be able to give at least a simple answer and a promise to follow up. Today's risk managers need to be well informed business people with an awareness of many topics, including ones that are outside their current responsibilities.  


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Countdown to the Forum


Véronique De Hertogh, project coordinator, is involved in the day to day preparations for the Forum. Here's her update. 


Six months to go to the FERMA Forum. There's a lot of planning involved to make an event this size successful. In late February, we went to the headquarters of Maison Vandenboer, the convention centre caterer, for a tasting. The selection we made was impressive, and I don't remember eating so much! It was all in such small quantities.  


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 Education and CPD


Each national association can send a risk management student to the Forum for free. The students will be supported by FERMA's head of education, Edouard Thys. For more information, contact Véronique De Hertogh at veronique.dehertogh@ferma.eu.   


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Party time!



FERMA throws a great party for delegates and their partners to celebrate every Forum.  The venue this year is La Bonbonnière or box of sweets. One of the most characteristic buildings of the historic city of Maastricht, La Bonbonnière was a theatre and takes you back in the 18th century. 



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 Five (more) great reasons to attend the Forum


  •  Stimulating programme
  •  CPD points from GARP
  •  FERMA Night at La Bonbonnière
  •  Colleagues come for half price
  •  Free registration for 1000th delegate

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Progress report on certification project


The FERMA board and presidents of the national associations will learn in April the results of the first stage regarding the creation of a European certification of professional competence in risk management.


This stage involves asking member associations what risk management training programmes they already have available. FERMA also asked for their views of risk managers' expectations and the benefits for companies, the risk management function or the image for the risk management profession. They were also asked how they would like to be involved in the FERMA certification process, first in defining expectations and second in participating to the recognition process.


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Become a Thought Leader


Over the next two years, FERMA wants board, committee and national associations' members to come to the forefront of FERMA's communication strategy by becoming Thought Leaders. 


This is the next important step in FERMA's strategy to strengthen the risk managers' community, empower FERMA members and increase awareness of FERMA's actions and content.


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Why is it called the Forum?


Since its creation, the conference has pursued two different purposes: education and networking. For the education part, academic sessions, more focused presentations and specialised workshops are planned to offer a wide choice of themes and professional practices. 


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Why is the Forum only every two years?



In 1981 FERMA took a decision that is easily understandable by people who attend conferences regularly. If an event is held annually, each edition repeats much of what was said the previous year. Unless there is something new, participants do not get sufficient return on their investment.




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"Fraud-liability and insurability under German law "


Fraud, internal or external, can cost a corporation billions of dollars or euros and affect not just the company, but also implicate its directors and senior managers. Each country has its own approach to transferring the risk.


Fidelity insurance

Fidelity insurance - or more accurately infidelity insurance - has existed in England since the 19th century. 


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"Fraud and insuring it"


FERMA member, Jurand Honisch, Senior Vice President Risk Management & Insurance Corporate Treasury and Finance

Bertelsmann SE & Co, Germany, comments:


« From a corporation´s point of view, fraud has gained more and more importance over the last years as organisations and processes have become more complex »



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IMD 2: FERMA continues to make the case for professional customers


 The Insurance Mediation Directive revision (IMD 2) entered its active parliamentary phase about three months ago, and its schedule is already suffering delays of several months, shifting from May to July for its final adoption.


Over this period, FERMA will continue to press its view strongly for changes to the directive to provide greater protection for the corporate insurance customer. 


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Collective redress : out of court settlement must be the rule


 The possibility of an EU-wide mass claims system has been on the European Commission radar for years and is once again bouncing back with a forthcoming communication from the Commission expected to be published by June this year. It will probably state the obvious and not take any decisive step towards one particular mass restitution scheme.


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