FERMA Newsletter N°50




Newsletter N°50

  November 2012



FERMA Benchmarking Survey results in a nutshell


This is the sixth edition of the survey, which has taken place every other year since 2002.


A record number of 809 risk and insurance managers from 20 European countries responded.


Two-thirds of the companies represented are stock exchange listed; 55% have a turnover of more than €2bn and 59% have more than 50,000 employees; 45% operate in at least 20 countries.


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Joint meeting on insurance law


The insurance law association AIDA-Europe and FERMA will hold a joint conference on 3 June in Paris on commercial insurance law and regulation issues to be followed by a cocktail reception.  


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Meeting the cyber risk challenge

It's not too late to listen to FERMA board member Julia Graham and other industry experts in the webinar on the cyber risk challenge jointly hosted by FERMA, Zurich Insurance and the Harvard Business Review and hear an exclusive presentation of the key findings from the pan-European security and privacy survey conducted by Zurich and Harvard Business Review with FERMA.


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FERMA Seminar: a quiet revolution in Versailles


The French city of Versailles, 20 km outside Paris, has two palaces: the vast Royal Palace with its famous 75m mirrored ballroom, and on its doorstep, the Palais des Congrès, a more recent and modest establishment.  


In October 1789, angry crowds forced the French royal family to flee their palace at the start of the French revolution. It was different in October 2012, when more than 300 risk and insurance managers met at the Palais des Congrès for the 2012 FERMA Seminar.


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Thank you for a succesfull Seminar

The President of FERMA Jorge Luzzi thanks all those who made the 2012 FERMA Seminar a success:


AXA Corporate Solutions and Ernst & Young for their continuing support for our Risk Management Benchmarking Survey


Our other sponsors: ACE, Allianz, Aon, Chartis, FM Global, Gras Savoye Willis, JLT International Network, LRQA, MARSH and XL Group



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Around the associations




AGERS held its 18th insurance programme renewal seminar on 15 November in Madrid. The event brought together 280 representatives of insurance companies and brokers, risk managers, other managers and journalists. 


The chair of Spain's insurance and pension funds regulator, Flavia Rodriquez Ponga, inaugurated the conference. The programme included a presentation on the 2012 FERMA Benchmarking Survey by FERMA board member Isabel Martinez.  (...) 


After months of discussion, Airmic has unveiled a clause for use in commercial insurance contracts to reduce the use of reservation of rights by insurers - a practice that many risk managers say delays claims settlements and inflates legal costs. 


Airmic chair Nicholas Bailey announced publication of the clause at the association's annual dinner on 20 November which attracted a record attendance of nearly 800. 




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Letter from Brussels


The way that EU regulations develop from proposals or green papers into directives some years later is far from transparent and can be very messy. Knowing how to represent the views of risk managers in the right place and at the right time is something that FERMA takes very seriously.





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Certification moves step nearer


Possible European certification of risk managers has moved a step closer with the decision of the FERMA working party that it will present a definite plan for the project at the next FERMA Forum starting on 29 September 2013.


Between now and then, the working party will discuss the scheme with FERMA's 22 member associations and possible service providers to discover what education programmes are currently available and what they believe should be included in a certification syllabus. FERMA does not intend to be an education provider itself but would develop a programme of courses from other sources. Its role will be to confirm that the risk manager has achieved a high level of professional competence and skill. 


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Survey Interviews



Véronique De Hertogh has joined FERMA as project manager. She will take an active role in preparation for the 2013 FERMA Forum and other events, so many FERMA members will get to know her over the next few months. 


Véronique has a degree in tourism and has been working in travel and event management since leaving university. She is fluent in French, English and Dutch and has basic Spanish.  


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Working together for risk prevention


EU workplaces are safer and healthier than ever before, but every year there are still nearly 7 million workplace accidents and further millions suffer work related illness. The economic impact is estimated at €490 billion a year - more than half the current cost of the EU's financial crisis bail-out fund.


Working together for risk prevention is the 2012-2013 campaign coordinated by the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EU-OHSA), and FERMA is one of the official sponsors. 


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Preparation for the Forum races ahead

The FERMA Forum 2013 is now just 10 months away! Registration for platinum sponsors opened on 27 November and registration for gold and silver sponsors starts a week later on 4 December.


The list of sponsorship possibilities has been greatly expanded. In addition to the traditional opportunities, sponsors will have many new ways to display their brand, including floor signage, auditorium chairs, Forum t-shirts, plants, pre-registration emails and the massage stations. As the final item says, "Reach out and touch attendees with this feel good sponsorship."


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industrial pollution fund not needed, says FERMA


FERMA is opposing a proposal from the European Economic and Social Committee to create a fund to cover environmental liability losses from industrial accidents.


FERMA executive manager Florence Bindelle made a short presentation of FERMA's views at an important workshop in Brussels on 7 November to discuss the proposal, which has come from the Hungarian government as a result a spill of toxic red sludge from an industrial plant in October 2010.  



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FERMA/Lloyd's professional development initiative


The third and final session of the FERMA-Lloyd's training programme will take place on Thursday 18 April and Friday 19 April 2013 at Lloyd's.


The first two sessions of the programme, which were held during 2012, have received enthusiastic responses from FERMA's head of education Edouard Thys and the risk professionals who have taken part. 


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ECIIA new president to continue building links 


Marie-Hélène Laimay, a speaker at the 2011 FERMA Forum, has been elected President of the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) in succession to Caroline Dittmeier. Laimay is a member of the board of IFACI (Institut Français de l'Audit et du Contrôle Internes) and senior vice president audit and internal control assessment at the global healthcare company Sanofi.


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Insight into Europe


As FERMA considers how to make European affairs more transparent for its members, executive manager Florence Bindelle attended an event in Brussels for the Young Insurers in Europe, intended to provide an insight into the workings of the major EU institutions, the impact of Brussels and the key issues that will affect the industry over the next few years.


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Around Europe


This coming year is likely to see the European Commission narrowing its focus to concentrate on measures that it wants to see adopted by the end of its term in mid-2014. Here is a short status report on projects of most interest to FERMAQ members. For more information on EU legislation or FERMA's activities with European institutions, contact executive manager Florence Bindelle at florence.bindelle@ferma.eu


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A chilly warning


"We need to be planning as far as 30 years ahead to mitigate the impact of climate change on our businesses," FERMA Vice-President Michel Dennery commented following the presentation at the 2012 FERMA Seminar by keynote speaker, Thierry Touchais, executive director of the Belgian based International Polar Foundation.


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