Brexit: adaptability and anticipation prevails as uncertainty remains



Newsletter 82

10 July 2018

Top EU News for Risk Managers

Hard Brexit on the horizon: unique opportunity for risk managers to demonstrate leadership role.

FERMA welcomes the Commission’s proposed investment programme in digital transformation.

FERMA to push EIOPA and local regulators for a collaborative approach to resolve cross-borders insurance issues.

Sustainability: new incentives to achieve transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Dirk Wegener of GVNW and Maria Isabel Martínez of AGERS have been re-elected to the FERMA board for a further three years.

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Join our short and intensive #fermaseminar in Antwerp. We promise an exclusive educational event with a practical and interactive programme.

FERMA launches first European lifelong-learning programme in risk management.

Already 100 days of learning scheduled across Europe this year.

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