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Join our 2018 #fermaseminar

Antwerp-Belgium | 8-9 October

Because you clearly value learning, invest in yourself in 2018!

Exclusive event limited to 250 participants

Why should you attend?


It’s very practical. You’ll l return with valuable insights to apply to your projects right away. You’ll also meet fantastic, like-minded people from the industry.


You’ll learn:

·     Responsible business conduct taking into account the latest transparency requirements and potential impacts on reputation

·     The latest major cyber-attacks through lessons learned

·     How the Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) has transformed the environmental impairment liability insurance market

·     Developing sustainability for a changing climate


Good enough? Alright then!

Only 250 places are available so register right away!

Featured Speakers


Two risk experts from Telefonica and Maersk will share their lessons learned from 2017 Cyber incidents.

First confirmed workshops

Deep dive into cyber insurance

The purpose of this session is to provide risk managers with tools to address the purchase of cyber insurance in this evolving market. The round table discussions will help risk managers develop their understanding of the information needed from the tender process to claims management so they can optimise coverage and recoveries for their organisation.

Climate change - the risk manager's contribution to adaptation to this new paradigm

Climate change is now at the forefront of business risks, and the ability of businesses to adapt will become a factor of success in the next decades. By working across functions, corporate risk managers have an opportunity to support their organisations in embedding climate logic into the business. Doing so will help reduce the impact of weather-related events in terms of physical damages and business interruption, and add value and attractiveness to the company.

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