FERMA Newsletter N°72



Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA)

Newsletter #72

July 2016


Brexit - continuing uncertaintly


FERMA is closely monitoring developments at European level following the vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union so that we can keep our members informed.  


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FERMA President's Column

"Nine months have passed since I have switched from the position of Deputy President of FERMA to President, and I can say today that I am a proud President: 


I am proud of what we have accomplished in that time, for which I thank my board colleagues and the FERMA staff for their support;


I am proud of taking part in the design and implementation of a new strategic plan for FERMA, about which you will learn more in the coming months;

Jo Willaert

And I am proud of our network, which is growing and becoming more influential for the benefit of the risk managers' community," states FERMA President, Jo Willaert. 


Our themes for my presidency are LEADERSHIP - COMMUNICATION - EDUCATION, and I would like to pick out some of our achievements and plans under these headings.



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Letter from Brussels

Business plan to follow our new strategic vision and mission statement


At our general assembly in June, we unveiled a new strategic vision and mission statement for FERMA. They provide the basis for the development of a business plan which will lay down the direction of FERMA over the next three years. 



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Stating the Value of Captives


Captive insurance companies, especially in offshore domiciles, are under scrutiny from international tax authorities. As the financial or tax aspects of captives are increasingly likely to be challenged, risk managers will need to be able to demonstrate the added  value of owning a captive to their senior management. 


Since the publication of the OECD recommendations on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) in October 2015, more than 100 countries and jurisdictions have been collaborating to implement the 15 BEPS actions. The guiding principle of the BEPS initiative is to ensure "that profits are taxed where economic activities generating the profits are performed and where value is created". 


"For risk managers, captive insurance is not a tax issue but an efficient risk management tool, especially for large corporations," says FERMA President Jo Willaert. 



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rimap® developments: bridging the gap between education and the profession in Europe


FERMA's professional certification programme rimap® took an important step forward on 23 June, as FERMA disclosed the names of the first six education programmes in risk management to receive rimap accreditation. 


Rimap accreditation confirms that the education body is willing to deliver a risk management education programme that is in line with the first European criteria agreed by FERMA associations.


"It is important for the students to know they are following an education programme that is in line with what the profession is expecting. This is best achieved by the professional associations in each country that represent the risk practitioners in Europe," says Isabel Martinez Torre-Enciso, FERMA Vice President and responsible for the accreditation process within the rimap steering committee.


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FERMA's new board dedicates itself to the strategic vision and mission



President Jo Willaert said: "The new vision and mission statement provide a strong basis for the development of a business plan laying down the direction for FERMA over the next three years around three key drivers: leadership, communication and education. I am delighted to welcome our new board members. They bring us fresh ideas and new perspectives to help us implement this new strategy and mission."


New board members


Helen Pope                              Anders Esbjörnsson              Ralph Mulder  

Head of Insurable Risk - Tesco     Group Risk Manager,                   Insurance and Subsidy Manager 

and former Airmic chair                 NCC (SWERMA)                       of UNIPER Benelux,

                                                                                                    Board member of NARIM 


Charlotte Hedemark Nielsen

                                                   Senior Risk Specialist, SAP,  


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FERMA Seminar 2016

 - a setting for communication, education and leadership

Risk managers often say they do not get enough opportunities to get together with their colleagues from across Europe and discuss the topics that really concern them. The programme for

the FERMA Seminar 2016 is now available and shows that we have responded to this feedback. We have involved our member associations and their members in creating a setting for communication, education and leadership.

Here are the sessions they have organised.

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