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Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA)

Newsletter N°60

       July 2014


Risk manager round tables filling fast

register now for the seminar


Risk managers who want to take part in the risk manager only round table discussions at the 2014 FERMA Seminar should register quickly; the round table numbers are limited, and they are filling quickly. This is the advice from FERMA's Project manager Véronique De Hertogh as she continues the planning for this event. The seminar will take place on 20 and 21 October at SQUARE in Brussels.


The event will be an exceptional occasion for European risk managers in 2014. It will be both the scene for the announcement of the results of the 2014 FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey and the celebration of FERMA's 40th anniversary with a gala dinner. 


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Record number of survey responses; hard work on analysis is now underway


The 2014 FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey closed on Friday 20 June with a total of 850 replies. This is the highest number of responses the survey has ever received and it means the results are ever more representative of the views of the European risk management community. 


The survey committee, composed of FERMA board members and representatives of the industry partner organisations, immediately started to work on analyzing the responses.  The results will be revealed at the FERMA Seminar 2014 on 20 and 21 October in Brussels. An independent survey company Toluna collects the responses. 


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Letter from Brussels



Florence Bindelle

In June we held our general assembly, approved the risk management certification project and elected four board directors. Since then, we have not been relaxing! You might be surprised at the number of projects that FERMA does with a small team.


Led by our President Julia Graham, Vice President Michel Dennery, General Secretary Pierre Sonigo, scientific adviser Marie-Gemma Dequae and I visited London for a meeting with the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and our British member Airmic. We discussed several subjects of mutual interest on education issues with IRM.


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Join the FERMA community on social media


FERMA invites you to become part of its growing online community which is already 5000 strong and growing (3033 followers on Twitter and more than 2400 members on LinkedIn).


Via its blog, Twitter, Youtube and Slideshare, FERMA regularly publishes news, insights, interviews and research. Additionally, the FERMA Risk Talk LinkedIn group provides a platform for risk managers to share their experience and expertise, exchange ideas and opinions, and look for advice, solutions and recommendations that were once out of reach.




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It is not too late to attend the seminar for free if you are a risk manager and you have an interest in European risks. Join your national association or if you are not eligible to join a member association, you can apply for individual or corporate membership.


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Elections to the FERMA board



The FERMA general assembly on 26 June elected four directors to join the board for 2014-2017 and one new substitute  They are:

  •  Anna Korbut, vice president of the Russian risk management association RusRisk,
  •  Carl Leeman of the Belgian association BELRIM;
  •  Cristina Martinez from the Spanish association IGREA; and
  •  Helle Friberg from the Danish association DARIM;


The board substitute is the president of Poland's POLRISK, Slawomir Pijanowski.

Middle East risk manager joins FERMA as individual member


Fady Khawan

Fady Khawam, senior enterprise risk manager for ABYAT Megastore Co. (www.abyatonline.com) , the largest retail store group in the Middle East, has been accepted as an individual member of FERMA and will attend the FERMA Seminar in Brussels in October. ABYAT, which sells all types of building materials, fittings and home furnishings from large stores in Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, is now planning to expand into the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Europe and elsewhere. It is this expansion into Europe that encouraged Fady to apply for membership of FERMA.


"We are going outside our own territory, and risk management is different from area to area and from country to country. I wanted to join an association so I can understand how risk management works in European countries. I had been reading a lot about FERMA and when it became possible to join as an individual member, I persuaded my boss that it would be good for our business," he explained.



Help with global programmes


Airmic and AGERS have taken the initiative on global programmes. At its annual conference in June, Airmic unveiled Insight Risk Manager, the first compliance database designed specifically for risk managers. Created in partnership with Axco, the supplier of global insurance market information with the support of leading brokers, Insight Risk Manager currently covers regulations in 30 countries representing 93 per cent of the world's property-casualty insurance premiums.



AMRAE launches new visual identity and publication


The President of AMRAE Gilbert Canaméras used the occasion of the association's Day of the Commissions in June to announce AMRAE's new visual identity and a new publication, Atout Risk Manager.


In its 20 years, AMRAE has greatly evolved and diversified. Its structure and organisation have followed these developments. The association, therefore, wanted its visual identity to reflect "the vigour, dynamism and capacity of the risk management of tomorrow."



Ralf Oelssner: a tribute 


Ralf Oelssner

FERMA was sad to learn of the death of Ralf Oelssner, Vice President of FERMA from 2003 to 2005 and a long serving chairman of DVS. He was 70. He was vice president of corporate insurance at German airline Lufthansa until his retirement in 2007 and had headed its large insurance and reinsurance captives. 


As a representative of Lufthansa, Ralf was elected to the committee of DVS in 1993 and to the board in 1989. He became its vice-chairman in 1995 and chairman of the board in 1999. Ralf was instrumental in the DVS becoming a member of FERMA. He remained closely connected with the association after his retirement from the committees in 2008 and because of his great services for the association, he was appointed honorary member of DVS.



Expert views : 

The relationship between business continuity, crisis management and risk management in building business resilience


Lyndon Bird

Business continuity has been around from its early disaster recovery roots in the 1980s through to its present acceptance as a formal management systems standard by ISO. Risk management has had a similar heritage from its initial insurance and loss control days through to its current eminent position as a key component of corporate strategy. Crisis management has by contrast always been spoken about without ever being formalised - except arguably by the PR profession.


In the fallout from the global financial crisis of 2007/08, risk management for a while looked a likely victim. There was a view in some quarters that conventional risk management had failed to predict the crisis or provided any effective way of mitigating the outcomes that emanated from it. This led many organisations to question their approach to operational risk, seeking an approach which relied less on theoretical models and more on practical techniques and understandable solutions.


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European Affairs : 

Looking at changes for the committees at the European Parliament


Out of the 751 MEPs newly elected in May for five year terms, 371 are new to Parliament. The European Parliament is new and fragmented with three main consequences on EU policies:

  •  No experience yet of working together, which may slow down even more the legislative process;
  •  Previously ignored political groups may emerge and play an important role;

Reaching a majority may be difficult. The absolute majority is 376 out of 751. 



European Affairs : 

Future Data Protection Regulation for holding private data? 


The EU regulator is at the final stages to adopt the Data Protection Regulation which will set up new rules for operators on how private data must be managed.


In March 2014, the European Parliament strengthened several requirements such as making the applicable fines for breaching rules up to €100 million or 5% of annual worldwide turnover (whichever is greater) when the original proposal of the European Commission suggested fines "only" up to €1 million or 2% of annual worldwide turnover.



Knowledge Corner


Here is FERMA's selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers. 



Book: Enterprise Risk Management: Issues and Cases (English)

Jean-Paul Louisot and Christopher Ketcham,  Wiley



Event report

Airmic conference 2014, a FERMA report

Download for free at http://bit.ly/1pqeN3l



Conditions Precedent in Insurance Policies (English)

Airmic : Download free at: http://bit.ly/1tsTJgB

Efficiency of Business Insurance (English)

Airmic :  Download free at: http://bit.ly/1pFoV5H

Programs Internationales (Spanish)

Contact AGERS at gerencia@agers.es


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