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XVIII International Professional Forum

September 16, 2021
Moscow, Golden Ring Hotel, Yaroslavl Hall, Smolenskaya St., 5

We invite managers and specialists in the field of risk management, insurance, internal control and audit to the most famous annual forum on risk management in Russia.

Special guests of the Forum:

Mary Roth - Executive Director of RIMS (USA), Chairman of IFRIMA;
Jorge Luzzi - President of APOGERIS (Portugal);
Alexey LOBANOV - Director of Banking Regulation Department of the Bank of Russia.


Treatment of IFRIMA President

Dear Fellow Risk Management Professionals,

I do not wish to divert your attention from the urgency of your work around Covid-19 with trivial matters. However, I felt that I should use this opportunity to communicate with you. Over the last fortnight or so, I was fortunate to be in contact with fellow risk professionals around the world. Although it was good to communicate with them, the sad reality is that we are all in a similar position. Like many of us, they are also struggling to make sense of this situation that none of us have experienced before.


The XVII International professional forum

Risk Management - New Challenges

September 30 - October 1, 2020, Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow

Post-release of XVII International forum “Risk Management - New Challenges”

Photo Gallery. 1 day.

Photo Gallery. 2 day.


XV Competition "The Best Risk Management in Russia — 2020"

Photo Gallery

Articles and presentations of the European Risk Management Seminar held on October 12-13 are available on the official FERMA website

''What happened at the European Risk Management Seminar 2020?''

FERMA benchmarking report 2020





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