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XVIII International Professional Forum

September 16, 2021
Moscow, Golden Ring Hotel, Yaroslavl Hall, Smolenskaya St., 5

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Treatment of IFRIMA President

Dear Fellow Risk Management Professionals,

I do not wish to divert your attention from the urgency of your work around Covid-19 with trivial matters. However, I felt that I should use this opportunity to communicate with you. Over the last fortnight or so, I was fortunate to be in contact with fellow risk professionals around the world. Although it was good to communicate with them, the sad reality is that we are all in a similar position. Like many of us, they are also struggling to make sense of this situation that none of us have experienced before.


The XVII International professional forum

Risk Management - New Challenges

September 30 - October 1, 2020, Golden Ring Hotel, Moscow

Post-release of XVII International forum “Risk Management - New Challenges”

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